“A Board’s Guide To Fiscal Sponsorship”

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Easy EZ needs more scrutiny

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“Speed Sisters” doc crowdfunded through its sponsor, Women Make Movies

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Growing nonprofit sector in Puerto Rico — key to massive rebuild

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“Transgender Tuesdays”
crowdfunding campaign

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Growing numbers of fiscal
sponsors and their projects
use crowdfunding

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Fiscal sponsor provides cover
in removing Confederate

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LEAD STORY: Seasoned sponsors publish field guide for board members

“A Board’s Guide To Fiscal Sponsorship — What You Need To Know”

Danielle Gangelhoff, fiscal sponsorship director for Propel Nonprofits in Minnesota, gets a lot of calls from staff and board members of other 501(c)(3)s — local and beyond — asking how they, too, can become a fiscal sponsor. She says she’s surprised by how little they know about the basics, so she gives them general guidance, refers them to resources and encourages them to get legal counsel.

Now she also sends them a link to a free concise primer, A Board’s Guide to Fiscal Sponsorship, which she wrote with John Bell, business manager for Springboard for the Arts, another Minnesota fiscal sponsor, and Adia Morris Swanger, Springboard’s operations coordinator. MORE

Number of tax-exempt organizations doubles since 2014

EZ does it — some say IRS makes it too easy to become tax-exempt
A saying, attributed either to a concept of commerce or gritty singer Tom Waits, goes: “You can have something fast, good or cheap. Pick two.” The maxim could have been coined for the misbegotten IRS Form 1023-EZ: You can get tax exemption fast, properly vetted or cheap (using near-zero IRS manpower)­­­. All three, no. MORE

Directory story wins San Francisco Press Club award

The Fiscal Sponsor Directory is pleased to announce that Mark Hedin, our community reporter, has won a prestigious San Francisco Press Club award for his story, “Fiscal sponsor’s bold role in removing Confederate statues from New Orleans” published last November in the Directory’s News section. MORE


Fiscal sponsors: create or update your agency profile helps connect community projects with fiscal sponsors. San Francisco Study Center created and maintains this directory based on self-reported information from the fiscal sponsors listed. Create your listing and help projects and other nonprofits find you fast. To update your profile send us an email. 

Projects: Find a fiscal sponsor

Use the directory to find the fiscal sponsor that best fits for what you do. To search by state: click on the map links below.

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The Directory features more than 286 sponsors in 37 states, three in Puerto Rico and one in Canada.


An “essential” resource

Attorney Gregory L. Colvin’s Fiscal Sponsorship: 6 Ways to Do It Right describes the six sponsorship models approved and accepted by the IRS and how they work. First published in 1993 and revised several times, it remains, says Kirke Wilson, former president of the Rosenberg Foundation, “an essential part of the library of every grantmaker and grantseeker considering some form of fiscal sponsorship.”

Adler Colvin Brand
Nonprofit law leaders

Adler & Colvin is deeply committed to serving the legal needs of the nonprofit sector. We bring experience and passion to our representation of tax-exempt organizations and individual philanthropists in the areas of fiscal sponsorship, charitable gift planning, grantmaking and social investing, nonprofit governance and ethics, revenue-generating activities, social enterprise, tax treatment of lobbying and political activities.


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Study Center sponsored its first fiscal project in 1975. We’ve been doing it right ever since. Savvy staff provide a spectrum of community services, serving as a sounding board for projects needing help getting started and a resource for those needing admin support. Our primary focus, financial management, uses a state-of-the-art system to keep you up to date and your project budget on track. Our mission is to help you succeed. Contact Executive Director Geoff Link for more information.