The Fiscal Sponsor Directory is pleased to announce that Mark Hedin, our community reporter, has won a prestigious San Francisco Press Club award for his story, “Fiscal sponsor’s bold role in removing Confederate statues from New Orleans” published last November in the Directory’s News section.

General Lee plucked from perch in New Orleans. October 2017

General Lee plucked from perch in New Orleans. Photo Abdul Aziz

The source of Hedin’s story was a presentation at the October 2017 NNFS conference in New Orleans by Flozell Daniels, executive director of Foundation for Louisiana.

“It was pleasure meeting and working with Flozell Daniels and his colleagues to get the facts about this sensitive, compelling, politically charged topic for my story,” Hedin says.

The 55-year-old Press Club’s annual awards contest recognizes the previous year’s outstanding work from Bay Area print, TV, radio and digital media journalists, graphic designers, photographers and documentary filmmakers. Hedin’s story took third place in the digital media news story category. He was in great company with other digital media winners such as Bloomberg, AJ+, and SF Business Times.

Hedin, a journalist for decades, currently also writes for Ethnic Media Services. He formerly was a reporter for the Oakland Tribune and Central City Extra, and a copy editor for the San Francisco Chronicle and San Francisco Examiner.

His award, an honor for the Directory, helps expand public understanding of the community benefits of fiscal sponsorship and its wide-ranging role in the nonprofit sector.