Goodcity N.F.P.

Goodcity N.F.P.

5049 W. Harrison St.
Chicago, IL 60644
(773) 473-4790

Deirdre Bates
Chief Financial Officer

Year organization became a 501(c)(3): 1986
Year of first fiscal sponsorship: 1986
Number of sponsored projects: 50

Fiscal sponsorship fee:
We charge 10% of total revenue collected each month. Also the amount of work required to ensure proper reporting is taken into consideration when the fee is being considered.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Aligned mission/values
  • Geographic: Chicago
  • Type of service
  • Has an advisory group
  • Minimum budget

Types of projects or services we sponsor:

  • Arts and culture
  • Children, youth and families
  • Disaster relief
  • Drug treatment
  • Economic development
  • Education
  • Environment/sustainable growth
  • Faith-based/religious
  • Festivals and events
  • Health/nutrition
  • Housing
  • International development
  • Mental health
  • People or communities of color/minorities
  • Social services
  • Transportation
  • Women
  • Youth development

Services we offer projects:

  • Bill paying
  • Human resource management
  • Organizational development
  • Payroll
  • Receiving property and stock donations
  • Other: We also provide accounting services.

Based on Fiscal Sponsorship: 6 Ways to Do It Right: Our model(s) of fiscal sponsorship are:

  • Model A, Direct Project
  • Model B, Independent Contractor Project
  • Model C, Preapproved Grant Relationship
  • Model E, Supporting Organization
  • Model F, Technical Assistance

Organization description:
We believe in taking an integrated and long-term approach to the sustainable development of our partner organizations. To this end, we provide training workshops, one-on-one consulting, and fiscal sponsorship services. Our workshops are designed to build capacity of participants by coming together with a qualified facilitator to share experience and learn from one other. Goodcity serves as the fiscal sponsor for all our partner organizations. The service allows them to use our 501(c)(3) status to receive grants and contributions. Providing supporters with the added assurance that their donated funds will be used for the intended purposes.