Trailhead Institute

Trailhead Institute

1385 S. Colorado Blvd., Suite 622
Denver, CO 80222
(303) 910-4682

Benjamin Robb
Program Director

Year organization became a 501(c)(3): 1993
Year of first fiscal sponsorship: 1993
Number of sponsored projects: 28

Fiscal sponsorship fee:
$250 startup fee and a 10% fee on contributed gross revenue throughout the partnership.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Aligned mission values
  • Has an advisory group
  • Other: To be eligible, you can be a tax-exempt entity, a non-exempt entity or an individual with an idea. Our partners must show that they are doing work that complies with the guidelines for exempt activities under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code, and that they are doing work that falls within the field of public and environmental health with a focus on equity, justice and collaboration.

Types of projects or services we sponsor:

  • Arts and culture
  • Children, youth and families
  • Economic development
  • Education
  • Environment/sustainable growth
  • Faith-based/religious
  • Health/nutrition
  • Housing
  • Mental health
  • People or communities of color/minorities
  • Political advocacy/social justice
  • Social services
  • Transportation
  • Veterans
  • Women
  • Youth development

Services we offer projects:

  • Auditing
  • Bill paying
  • Bookkeeping/accounting
  • Human resource management
  • Insurance
  • Legal services
  • Office space
  • Organizational development
  • Payroll
  • Tax reporting
  • Other: We provide operations and program direction, finance and compliance, insurance and risk management, development and training services to all partners.

Based on Fiscal Sponsorship: 6 Ways to Do It Right: Our model(s) of fiscal sponsorship are:

  • Model A, Direct Project
  • Model B, Independent Contractor Project
  • Model C, Preapproved Grant Relationship
  • Model D, Group Extension
  • Model F, Technical Assistance
  • Model L, Single Member LLC

Organization description:
Trailhead Institute is a public health institute with the vision for everyone to be healthy and live in a healthy environment. We support individuals, collaboratives and organizations addressing community challenges. Founded in 1993, we provide fiscal and operation support to help a variety of projects to positively affect community health. In our Administrative Partnership Program, we serve as an administrative partner for individuals, collaboratives and organizations because we understand that managing the fiscal and operational responsibilities of an initiative can be a time-consuming burden that takes precious resources away from an initiative’s core objectives. Our approach allows partners to leverage our services while maintaining full control over their work.