On Da Verg

On Da Verg

3701 Luella Blvd. Apt. 505
La Porte, TX 77571
(832) 973-0996
Website: www.ondaverg.org

Shanta Miller

Year organization became a 501(c)(3): 2014
Year of first fiscal sponsorship: 2015
Number of sponsored projects: 8

Fiscal sponsorship fee:
6% of revenue.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Aligned mission/values: Preventing youth and gang violence and preventing teen pregnancy

Types of projects or services we sponsor:

  • Children, youth and families
  • Education
  • Environment/sustainable growth
  • People or communities of color/minorities
  • Social services
  • Women
  • Youth development

Services we offer projects:

  • Human resource management
  • Organizational development

Based on Fiscal Sponsorship: 6 Ways to Do It Right: Our model(s) of fiscal sponsorship are:

  • Model A, Direct Project

Organization description:
We strive to maintain the balance in the community based on the development of our most precious jewels… our youth. Through the use of technology, we provide manuals and models formulated by empirical evidence.. We seek to teach and educate in various areas that plague our communities: teen pregnancy, youth and gang violence, problems of children whose parents are incarcerated. We believe one person can make a difference with a little effort and persistence. (Formerly “On the Verge”)