Southern Conservation Partners, Inc.

Southern Conservation Partners, Inc.

P.O Box 33222.
Raleigh, NC 27636
(919) 500-6598

Charles Roe

Year organization became a 501(c)(3): 2014
Year of first fiscal sponsorship: 2015
Number of sponsored projects: 7

Fiscal sponsorship fee:
administrative fee between 5-10% (depending on scale and scope of the proposed project and reporting requirements of funding source)

Eligibility criteria:

  • Aligned mission/values: land/water/wildlife conservation; environmental education and protection
  • Geographic: Southern U.S. states (12 entire states + parts of 10 other states)
  • Type of service: admistrative, fiscal management, coaching, accountability
  • Has an advisory group: composed of experienced land, water, wildlife conservation professionals

Types of projects or services we sponsor:

  • Environment/sustainable growth
  • Parks/open space

Services we offer projects:

  • Bookkeeping/accounting
  • Organizational development
  • Tax reporting
  • Other: Providing basic administrative and fiduciary responsibility for coaching and guidance for startup or short-term projects approved by the SCP board and related with the SCP mission.

Based on Fiscal Sponsorship: 6 Ways to Do It Right: Our model(s) of fiscal sponsorship are:

  • Model A, Direct Project
  • Model B, Independent Contractor Project
  • Model C, Preapproved Grant Relationship: expected usual relationship

Organization description:
Dedicated to assist other allied organizations, promote partnerships, advance and build public support for conservation of land, water, wildlife, ecological and natural heritage resources in the Southern U.S.