Benefits of Support

You don’t have to be a supporter to be listed in the Directory, but supporters get special benefits:

Dress up your profile page with your agency logo that links to your Website. Or add a small photo of your staff or one of your projects. Or create a small sidebar with info highlighting special services you offer your projects.

Supporters donating $100 or more also get a 15% discount on up to 3 copies of the 3rd Edition of “Fiscal Sponsorship: 6 Ways to Do It Right,” coming in 2019, which will include a chapter on Model L, the increasingly popular LLC fiscal sponsorship agreement. The cover price will be $30, and the book will be available only through the Study Center and Fiscal Sponsor Directory.

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From the nonprofit community

“What your [directory] program does is awesome. Let me know how we can help.”

Tommie Suggs, Program Manager, Resources for Human Development, Philadelphia Pa.

“Fiscal Sponsor Directory, truly the only comprehensive list of fiscal sponsors, has been instrumental for our growth and has assisted countless entrepreneurs in their search for the right partner.”

Steve Meltzer, Executive Director, Mission.Earth (Sponsor, Inc.), Framingham, Mass.

“Thank you for maintaining this amazing resource.”

Sanil Chawla, Executive Director, Hack+ (Youth Leadership Incubator), Fremont, Calif.

“Keep up the great work!”

— Chuck Kaufman, National Co-Coordinator, Alliance for Global Justice, Tucson Ariz.

“Entrepreneurial artists who want to start up a program or campaign often don’t know where to turn to find a fiscal sponsor that suits their mission and working style. The Fiscal Sponsor Directory is an essential tool for them. I applaud the idea of a directory for filling a timely, widely recognized need.”

Frances Phillips, Program Director, Arts and the Creative Work Fund, Walter & Elise Haas Fund, San Francisco, Calif.