The Learners Lab Foundation

The Learners Lab Foundation (TLLF)

Princess Garden Parkway
Lanham, MD 20706

Fiscal Sponsorship Review Board
The Learners Lab Foundation

Year organization became a 501(c)(3): 2015
Year of first fiscal sponsorship: 2015
Number of sponsored projects: 16

Fiscal sponsorship fee:
Our 501c Economic Development Initiative, which includes our Fiscal Sponsorship and Technical Assistance Service Center (TASC), hosts programs for U.S.-based entities only. The Foundation applies nominal fees or service charges and offers a large but growing range of programs, products, services, and other supports. Kindly visit our website where the fiscal sponsorship along with other program descriptions, applications, and specific details including deadlines, application criteria, and the vetting process and program registration fees can be found. Program management fees are unique to each awardee’s needs and are not publicly disclosed. The Foundation aspires to keep ALL its programs, services, products and access to resources open-access, to offer in as many languages as we receive a demand for, and to make them available either free or very heavily discounted.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Geographic: U.S. entities
  • Other: The Foundation now offers Special Project Fiscal Sponsorship (SPFS). This program offers For-Profit Business Entities opportunities to run or start charitable programs, or develop products or projects for charitable outreach purposes, and current, pending or future tax-exempt organizations opportunities to run their programs indefinitely. SPFS operates as an “internal” project of the Foundation in partnership WITH, not for, the founding/host entity.

Types of projects or services we sponsor:

  • Arts and culture
  • Children, youth and families
  • Disaster relief
  • Drug treatment
  • Economic development
  • Education
  • Environment/sustainable growth
  • Faith-based/religious
  • Festivals and events
  • Health/nutrition
  • Housing
  • Mental health
  • People or communities of color/minorities
  • Political advocacy/social justice
  • Social services
  • Transportation
  • Women
  • Youth Development
  • Other: The Learners Lab Foundation offers fiscal sponsorship to all 24 types of IRS tax-exempts, not just 501(c)(3)s. Our fiscal sponsorships are business/need-focused, not project or cause-focused. We work to connect new, future & 501c tax exempts and entrepreneurs young in operations to the business, operations, funding, staffing, communications, financial assets, media/visibility and other resources they are consistently blocked from accessing or that are priced out of their reach. The recently established Association of Tax Exempt Startups & Entrepreneur (ASETE) is where founders of 501c Startups can network among peers and present problems, and gaps in resource to the Foundation so it can develop the connections, program and solutions they need.


Services we offer projects:

  • Auditing
  • Bill paying
  • Bookkeeping/accounting
  • Computer IT
  • Human resource management
  • Legal services
  • Office space
  • Organizational development
  • Receiving property and stock donations


Based on Fiscal Sponsorship: 6 Ways to Do It Right: Our model(s) of fiscal sponsorship are:

  • Model C, Preapproved Grant Relationship: grant writing, grant/donation processing
  • Model F, Technical Assistance: customized to each fiscal sponsorship candidate based upon specific need(s)

Model C: Pre Approved Grant Relationship.
We provide grant writing and grant/donation processing services and supports including partnerships with grant writing professionals, access to/direct participation in grant writing and development training. Model C Awardees will also gain support thru our soon to be launched, “Grant Writer/Development Services Fellowship” Program.

Model F: Technical Assistance.
Our programs are customized to suit each fiscal sponsorship candidate based upon the specific need(s) they articulate. We provide direct support or partner with mentors, SMEs, vendor partners, members of the business community as well as encourage peer networking in order to support our fiscal sponsorship awardees, and our TASC support clients

Organization description:
The Learners Lab Foundation thru its Family of Organizations is a charitable Workforce Training Incubator and Economic Development Center for 501c Startups & Tax Exempt Entrepreneurs in the United States. The Foundation targets ignored and underserved members of our community but on a national level. In business, that means current, future, young, and/or aspiring U.S. 501c startups and tax-exempt entrepreneurs. For job training, that means the unemployed, underemployed, vets/military personnel in transition, specialty groups such as adult literacy groups, immigrants and persons for whom English is a second or non-language who are also ignored, underserved and marginalized.