is produced and maintained by San Francisco Study Center Inc., tax-exempt since 1972, a fiscal sponsor since 1975.

Study Center is a member of the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors that is helping to professionalize the field by providing assistance to sponsors and projects alike, improve financial management and spark organizational development throughout the nonprofit sector.

Study Center also publishes Fiscal Sponsorship: 6 Ways to Do It Right from its first edition in 1993 and the second edition in 2005. Study Center research for this directory was used in 2006 to identify the fiscal sponsors included in the National Network’s field scan. That survey [] yielded an unprecedented amount of information about fiscal sponsors throughout the nation and the nature of fiscal sponsorship. is the inspiration of 6 Ways author attorney Gregory Colvin. He has provided guidance and expertise throughout its development. Heidi Hernandez Gatty, when she was at Tides Center, helped make this directory happen, offering ideas, contacts and encouragement from early on. John David Nunez, Study Center bookkeeper, managed the survey effort and tallied the results. Scott Mattoon, a veteran daily journalist, made sure the surveys were complete.

Marjorie Beggs, directory manager, researched, helped write and edited the directory Website contents. She writes or edits most stories for the directory was initially funded by a grant provided through the Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving. Subscribers contribute to the directory’s maintenance and updating, which otherwise is wholly supported by San Francisco Study Center.


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